Can all lofts be converted?

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Most lofts can be converted providing they are a minimum height of 2.3 metres at their highest point to allow for headroom. Sometimes it is not practical if the loft is very small.

Can my loft be converted?

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Most people look up into their loft and think they wouldn't be able to use it as a room because of the shape of the roof trusses. We can remove these and construct steel or timber trusses that run the length of the loft and provide structural support, giving you scope for an extra bedroom, a [...]

Will I have to move out while the work is being done?

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No, you won't have to move out. We're careful to keep disruption to a minimum. You'll be without power for short periods while work is being done on the electrics, but where plumbing work is involved we'll never leave you without water overnight. While work is ongoing, we use dust sheets to protect your home and [...]